Is there a posting charge

There is absolutely no charge for posting on Mangal Mahesh. Once we sells your posting, there shall be a charge of 5% on the sale value which shall be deducted, the remaining amount shall be transferred in the preferred payment method opted by the seller

Why use our platform

Cansell has proven records in the following areas, the fastest sale happened within 180 seconds of posting, settlements happen within 24 Hrs of the purchase confirmation – Most times even earlier than that. This is not a single-use case but for multiple sellers on our platform

Why sell my gift card

There could be many reasons for selling the gift card/ voucher – you do not like the brand, not sufficient balance for your purchase, not finding a use for it, etc. You can now sell for cash with a quick listing on Mangal Mahesh

What are the analytics

There are about 1500 + postings every month from our registered sellers. There are more than 10,000 gift cards/ vouchers sold and 30% of our postings gets sold within 48 Hrs